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Introduction to Bagwele Safaris

Bagwele (Ba·gwele) {Tswana}: People of Mogwele

Mogwele (Mo·gwele) {Tswana}: Lesser Bushbaby.Galago

At Bagwele Safaris we believe that ethical hunting contributes to sustainable conservation. We work to ensure that we have a balanced number and ratio of species in their different ecosystems, ensuring that the habitat overall is well maintained. We operate according to the highest standards of hunting ethics, with an appreciation for the ongoing viability of the species being hunted.

Bagwele Safaris is a private Outfitter and Professional Hunting organisation catering for both South African and Foreign Hunters alike. We offer our clients a unique and exclusive adventure, whilst maintaining the highest standards in personal service and hunting ethics. Bagwele Safaris operates from the Mogwele Game Lodge, a privately owned conservancy area situated in the western side of the Limpopo Province, roughly 40km north-west of Thabazimbi.

Limpopo (Lim·po·po) is most northern province of South Africa, and is named after the river which forms the border between South Africa on the southern side, Zimbabwe on the northern side and Botswana on the western side.

Limpopo is home to numerous nature reserves and parks. besides the well-known national parks, such as the Greater Limpopo Park (Kruger National Park), Mapungubwe and Marakele approximately 50 further provincial nature reserves exist in this exquisite province that reflects the diversity of this pristine part of the world. The Limpopo province can rightfully claim to be an area of South Africa which is home to one of the greatest diversities of naturally occurring game and bird species.

Mogwele Game Lodge was created from an earlier cattle ranch in 2003 by the Wethmar family. Since inception we have tried to set new standards relative to the maintenance of pristine bush. More recently we increased the size of our conservancy, incorporating an additional farm, establishing the Bagwele Game Lodge. As with the Mogwele Game Lodge, the new farm was previously used as a cattle ranch. The total conservancy area of the Mogwele and Bagwele Game Lodges now spans 1,100 hectares (2,700 acres) of natural bushveld, holding many wonders and adventures, resulting in a memorable safari and hunting experience.

Bagwele Safaris and the Mogwele Game Lodge is best visited during the months of April through to September, where the combination of warm days and chilly evenings make for a mild winter, and the best time of year to hunt. This however doesn't mean that the months of October through to March are not without their pleasures.

Rainfall occurs mainly in summer which is typified by late afternoon thunder showers. Although these storms are fierce they are short in duration. The intense shows of lightning which accompany these storms create a most spectacular display. The summer bushveld is lush, dense and beautiful, a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Our Professional Hunters and Trackers are experienced in the pursuit of South Africa's plains game. Whether your choice of weapon is a bow or rifle, we will guide every hunter, from the novice to the seasoned professional, ensuring that your hunt is a successful and exhilarating one. Our commitment is to ensuring that all who visit Bagwele Safaris and Mogwele Game Lodge enjoy a memorable experience particular to each visitors needs. All of the Mogwele Staff, from the office staff, the camp staff and hunting staff are committed to making your safari the experience of a lifetime.

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